Rhuda decepta Schaus

General comments: 

The adult specimen shown bears the following label data: ECUADOR: Napo; Galeras, Río Papanucu, 11.3 km SE Loreto-Coca Rd. on road to Communidad Pueblo Nuevo, 990 m, 2 Oct 2004, MV light, leg. J.S. Miller & E. Tapia. This species is common at Yanayacu Biological Station.


The genus Rhuda contains 14 described species, occurring from Costa Rica south to Brazil. Rhuda decepta is the only Andean species, whereas Brazil (9 spp.) is the area of highest diversity.

Geographic Range: 

Rhuda decepta is known from Colombia and northeastern Ecuador.

Foodplant Associations: 

Caterpillars of R. decepta have been recorded at YBS feeding on two different host plants - Tibouchina lepidota and Monochaetum lineatum - both in the Melastomataceae. Two Costa Rican species, Rhuda difficilis Schaus and R. tuisa Schaus, are also associated with Melastomataceae.

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