Verbesina lloensis

General comments: 

Verbesian lloensis Hieron is an accepted name. This information was accessed through The Plant List.


For original publication details of Verbesina lloensis see: Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 29(1): 45. 1900 [22 May 1900] By error printed as V. Iloensis

Geographic Range: 

Verbesina lloensis is found in Columbia and Ecuador.

This information was accessed through the Global Biodiversity Information Facility Portal and Discover Life.

Foodplant Associations: 

This information is based an ongoing project dedicated to the inventory and dissemination of information on lepidopteran larvae, their host plants, and their parasitoids in a Costa Rican tropical wet forest and an Ecuadorian montane cloud forest.

N=122 herbivore associations as of 2012.

Erebidae: Dysschema nr. cerialis (Druce); N=1, Pelochyta gandolfi (Schaus); N=1, Phaegoptera decreidoides (Rothschild); N=1, Praeamastus minerva (Rothschild); N=1.

Geometridae: Eois sp.; N=2, Melinodes sp.; N=1, Pantherodes sp.; N=2.

Nymphalidae: Actinote stratonice (Latreille); N=1.

Larval lepidopteran herbivores reared in Napo Province, Ecuador (Yanayacu Biological Station and Center for Creative Studies).

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